What Do We Assess?

So many to mention but here’s a few common examples

Risks, Symptoms, impact, Actions, Performance, Merit, Severty, Efficacy, Eligibility, Qualication, Membership, Conformity, Compliance, Adherence, Viability, Sustainbility and much more...

IA: Individualized Assessment

But, Wait. What-if DIY IA, Do It Yourself Individualized Assessment, can be as engaging and easy as playing card games? Just play by picking cards that best match you.

Visvual-orientated mobile games for DIY IA with no entry barrier. Most ages appropriate.

See IA through a new Prism

Conventional lens: IA is an overhead burden tightly coupled with the DM ( decision-making ) step in the DM Flow Chain

New lens: IA is a stand-alone service that can be

  • Loosely coupled and linked to
    • One or more assessment adjudicators to automatically create one or more assessed scorecards
    • In turn, each assessed scorecard can serve as input for one or more decision-makers
    • Include crowd-sourcingDM
  • Shared by many and yet individualized for each individual
  • Empowering and Engaging instead of an unwelcoming and burdensome chore

IA & informed Decision-making
Old versus New Storymap Traditional DM flow chain versus AnnielyticX IAaaS TM

The Proposed IA Value-Add from AnnielyticX

The power of (One)

Not just generic assessment but individualized assessment, precisely for one: namely, You.

The power of Bottom-up

You set the pace and the flow of the game(s), on-demand. You can play and replay with ease and little effort. You can play for yourself and friends/family as you please.

The Power of Visual-orientated Mobile Card Game Apps

It’s fun, easy and engaging. No entry barrier. Most ages appropriate. A few simple steps:

The power of Smart and Delightful Playing Cards

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Individualized evaluation

The AnnielyticX IA(Individualized Assessment)mobile app platform provides a whole new cloud-based service, IAaaSTM,via visually-oriented
  • Knowledge

    Slow Aging By Design - to help you, your family, pets and friends
  • Risks

    Enable and empower individuals to make DIY individualized assessments with ease, fun and confidence
  • Symptoms

    Support comparison of multiple assessment scores by different adjudicators
  • Impact

    Support crowd sourcing and sharing
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