A Tale of Two Aging Trajectories

It was the winter of despair. It will be the spring of hope

Current medical research suggests there is a better way to rethink the pursuit of “health and wellness”: a more direct path to improved health, wellness, and healthy aging through slowing—or even reversing—the pace of biological aging. The key to reducing your individual pace of aging begins with understanding that your inherited genetics alone do not determine how you age. Unlike chronological age, biological age can be slowed down or sped up based on environment and lifestyle choices. Our goal in creating “Slow Aging by Design” is to help you identify the most impactful choices you can make to slow your aging, support you in making these changes, and track your success in decreasing your pace of aging from the inside out—all in an easy and fun way.

The majority of people will live a life that is shorter than it should be. It will also be filled with more illnesses, obesity, and chronic age-related diseases such as heart disease than it has to be. In contrast, a small proportion will live many years longer with significantly less illness and disease. If the choice were yours, which would you choose?


Lifestyle Choices Matter

“Your choices create your habits. Your habits program your genes Your genes determine your health [and aging].


From the day we are born, we grow, mature, and then age until the day we die. A child matures into a fully functional adult and reaches their peak in growth and development in their mid to late twenties. Aging is generally seen as the time following this spurt in growth and development, and it is marked by both positive and negative effects.

On the positive side, when you’re an adult, you have greater skills, knowledge, and wisdom. On the negative side, the effects of aging can start to interfere with your ability to do the things you need to do and affect the activities you like to do. We start to see diminishing vitality and some loss in bodily and mental functions—and


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